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Vicki makes therapy a collaborative and effective experience for you. 

   Maybe you're working on tolerating and healing the pain of depression, coping with anxiety and looking for relief from stress? Or maybe you want to build healthier relationships in your life....

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Anxiety & Depression

Depression and anxiety are crafty and painful, and can sometimes feel like they're taking over your life. While worry, sadness and loss happen to everyonethey're a realistic and important part of lifewhen dealing with them keeps you from living fully, it’s time to look into the issues further and learn where and when the emotions can be controlled.


Therapy is a great way of getting an unbiased but understanding point of view when you’re feeling overwhelmed. I can help you understand your unhappiness or anxiety, and accept their occasional presence while also find new tools to combat the pain and exhaustion they cause. You deserve better, and relief is within your reach.

Relationship Renovation

Fairy-tale stories of soul mates, love at first sight and finding happily ever after can make it tough for us to live in real-life relationships. The sooner we can accept that sharing our lives with someone can be complex and challenging, the sooner we can find connections that feel deep and meaningful.


Authentic intimacy, as opposed to fantasies of unending passion, sometimes means having a bit more independence from our partner, and more self-sufficiency. Couples counseling can offer you an interpreter, a mediator, and a guide in learning to make your relationship strongerand more fun.

Teen Therapy

Remember when teenagers could come home after school and hang out with friends instead of doing hours of homework, activities and "enrichment" classes? These days, teens are under more pressure than we can imagine. Between the competitive school environment, social dramas both big and small, and a constant stream of media exposure, the middle and high school years can be a confusing and overwhelming time.


Many teens welcome having a space of their own to talk, get support and learn more effective ways of coping with stresses. Therapy can help them become more focused, communicate better, and get a bit more fun out of life.



Whether you're suffering from depression, anxiety, or stress, Vicki can walk you through some issues to help you find relief.

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About Vicki


Vicki Botnick, MFC#86127

Years of experience as a suicide prevention counselor and psychotherapist have taught me that feelings, just like bodies, have a natural tendency toward health. Sometimes our scarsfrom trauma, from childhood, from getting hurtcan get in the way, and that's when we need someone to help us heal. Therapy provides a place to learn about yourself, to be able to talk without judgment or pressure, and to gain new skills for how to live in a way that feels confident, strong and fulfilling.


I work with depression, anxiety, couples issues, and adolescents to find solutions for problems that can sometimes feel insurmountable. Together, we’ll find a way to climb out of them. By understanding both the events of your past and patterns you see in your life today, you can make better choices and create the happier future you want and deserve.

I’m glad you found me. Let’s get started.


To find out more about my practice and see how I can help, please contact me:

18401 Burbank Blvd. Suite 203 Tarzana, CA 91356 (map) ~ (323) 899-6141

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