A Letter to Clients with Coronavirus Anxiety

I sent this message out to clients this week, maybe you'll find it helpful:

Hi, I’m sending this to let you know that during this time of great weirdness, I’m offering support in any way I can. I’m doing phone and video sessions, as well as quicker check-ins for those of you who can’t get an hour of privacy. Let me know how you’re doing, and what you need.

So many of us are feeling nervous and at loose ends. In my conversations with clients and friends, a few basic pieces of wisdom keep cropping up that I’ve found soothing, so I thought I’d share them briefly.

1. Remember that upheaval comes periodically throughout history and the world has always survived it. We are resilient. This too shall pass.

2. To stay calmer, limit the amount you’re reading and listening to, and be very careful with which sources you allow in. Take frequent breaks from the news and social media.

3. Stay present as much as possible. For most of us, in this moment right now, everything around us is okay. Give time time—be patient.

4. Remind yourself that in addition to the challenges of this situation, there are silver linings. Right now there is less pollution, more family time, a break in our often-frantic schedules, and an excuse to get back to basics like cooking, going for walks and checking in with friends. And thank goodness we’re in the golden age of TV—there’s a lot of quality escapism out there.

This is not to diminish in any way how difficult this is, or the fact that some of us are in real danger. But we are already very aware of our fears and concerns, so taking some time to readjust the lens we’re seeing the world through can be helpful. Stay connected, stay safe, stay in touch!

Warmly, Vicki

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