December 16, 2015


Sometimes, when life feels toughest and we're wondering why we make the same decisions and get stuck in the same, often painful, patterns, the best idea is to look backwards, to childhood. I don’t want to knock looking toward the future, or being in...

December 6, 2015


Whether it’s sleep training, shoe tying, or school projects, there are thousands of moments when parents have to sit on their hands and let their children struggle. We know it’s important for them to learn things on their own, but watching them cry...

February 11, 2015



Has your child ever fallen down on the playground while you were busy sending a text, so that another parent had to inform you that, yes, it’s your child who is sobbing over there? Have you ever attempted to leave for work while your child clung to...

December 10, 2014

I had a fantasy when I was pregnant. I thought perhaps after I gave birth, a door would open with smiling women standing in doorway, beckoning me into a new wonderland teeming with other moms. Some part of me believed that moms would stop me at the s...

November 12, 2014

I’ve noticed a theme in the movies and TV shows I’ve seen lately: a man fighting against malevolent forces, but most importantly, he’s doing it alone. Sometimes this character (occasionally a woman, but not often) starts out cowardly, but then grows...

October 1, 2014

It’s the secret fear every parent harbors: that the time we yell at the kids in the car, play Candy Crush instead of listening to their story, or fight with our spouse in front of them is going to be the time that scars them. The one they’ll end up t...

January 30, 2014


There are plenty of articles about gifted children, and the benefits and drawbacks of that label. “Giftedness” is what we call intelligence, which is a wonderful quality to have and to have recognized by others. But along with the sharpness of mind...

December 3, 2013

I read a great post the other day about how to talk to your daughter about her body. In a nutshell what it said was: Don’t. Celebrate its strength, work to promote its health, and explain its functions, but skip all the criticism or praise about how...

September 11, 2013

I don’t usually share cute animal videos, but this one really spoke to me:


I mean, it’s insanely adorable, sure. But I keep thinking about it in terms of parenting, friendships and therapy. I guess it fits into my ph...

May 3, 2013

Figuring out if your teen is using or abusing alcohol or drugs is particularly tricky, since teens don’t tend to self-report, and often lie about their drug use. A web article published by the George Washington University Medical Center stated that o...

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