February 11, 2015



Has your child ever fallen down on the playground while you were busy sending a text, so that another parent had to inform you that, yes, it’s your child who is sobbing over there? Have you ever attempted to leave for work while your child clung to...

January 23, 2015



As the new year rolls on, I keep thinking about the idea of radical change. My first idea has to do with losing my temper with my kids. Here’s a radical thought: What if I just stopped?

The reason I blow up is because I think it will have the effect...

October 1, 2014

It’s the secret fear every parent harbors: that the time we yell at the kids in the car, play Candy Crush instead of listening to their story, or fight with our spouse in front of them is going to be the time that scars them. The one they’ll end up t...

January 30, 2014


There are plenty of articles about gifted children, and the benefits and drawbacks of that label. “Giftedness” is what we call intelligence, which is a wonderful quality to have and to have recognized by others. But along with the sharpness of mind...

January 23, 2014

When social media was first introduced, it was hailed as a cure to loneliness, a new stage in globalization, and a step forward in world peace. Later, studies showed that too much time on sites like Facebook and Instagram could increase depression an...

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