The Upside of Helicopter Parenting

There have been countless articles—including some of my own—about the hazards of so-called “helicopter parenting,” the current trend of over-watchful, over-involved child rearing (also known as cosseting). By now, many people are familiar with stories of adult children who can’t leave home because they lack life skills, anxious teens whose schedules rival those of corporate CEOs, and parents who expect their toddlers to learn Mandarin and excel in five sports. But in these times, when many of us feel alienated from our government, our neighbors, and sometimes our families, it’s worthwhile to rethink the benefits of kids being more connected to their parents. After all, parents started parent

How to Lean Into Your Relationship Without Leaving Yourself Behind

You’ve probably seen the idealized Instagram image of a new relationship—both partners are glued together, unaware of their surroundings, neglectful of their friends, talking only about each other’s amazing qualities. That’s the stereotype of too much attachment to each other, and too little independence. On the other hand, the cliché of a long-term relationship is one that’s totally detached, sitting together in a restaurant without speaking, sneaking out at night to laugh with friends and then coming home to glower at one another. That’s the stereotype of too much independence, too much distance. They both sound awful in their own way, right? So you might be surprised to know that healthy

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